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Aryahi Agarwal’s adolescent perfume has sold Rs 63,000 so far.

Teenager Aryahi Agarwal of Dhirubhai Ambani International School in Mumbai has created Bella Fragrances, an ecological perfume brand.

Aryahi Agarwal, a girl from Mumbai’s Dhirubhai Ambani International School, says finding an eco-friendly, organic, and cheap perfume line for teens was challenging.

With the help of her Thapar Entrepreneurs Academy (previously YEA!) mentors, she created Bella Fragrances, a line of adolescent fragrances. Aryahi cites Walt Disney, Warren Buffett, Steve Jobs, and Dhirubhai Ambani as inspirations, as well as Coco Chanel’s groundbreaking ideas that revolutionised the fashion industry.

“I couldn’t locate any organic perfume for my age group,” she tells Future Sharks. Aryahi created the perfume after six months of research and repeated testing of formulas by blending essential oils until she acquired the perfect proportions with the proper oils.

“This perfume is the result of my efforts despite several industry experts telling me it was impossible to develop an organic perfume.

I created the perfume mixture in my home and had the denatured alcohol analysed at a lab to confirm its safety. “The lab tests confirmed it,” she claims.

Her TEA mentors helped her meet deadlines and not get discouraged by negative feedback.

Bella Fragrances is presently selling for Rs 599 per bottle on Instagram. Her perfumes are created in Mumbai, with a monthly capacity of 500 bottles.

It comes in two scents: Bella Naturals and Bella Organics.

“It is scented with rose essential oils and denatured alcohol,” Aryahi explains. It generated over Rs 60,000 in sales and Rs 45,000 in profit within a month of its debut, with a gross margin of 65%.

In addition, it’s organic and cheap. Aryahi claims that what sets Bella Fragrances distinct from rivals is that they are organic, free of chemicals, teen-oriented, and cheap.

It hasn’t been an easy path. ” I must confess that coming up with a recipe for the scent was difficult, and I was close to giving up. “It took a lot of effort, but I eventually got it,” she adds.

Meanwhile, Aryahi uses her mother’s aid to sell the goods on social media. Her father, Abhay Agarwal, a money manager, invested Rs 20,000 in Bella Fragrances.

He also helps her with finances and talks with raw material suppliers. Her package design was developed by a designer.

However, Aryahi currently aims to develop Bella Fragrances by establishing a social media presence and selling on big e-commerce sites like Nykaa.

perfume by Aryahi Agarwal
perfume by Aryahi Agarwal

“Make Bella Fragrance a household name,” says the plan. The busy schedule of Aryahi, who is now in Class 9, allows her to promote her brand and develop new scents.

I want to build my firm over time, starting with increasing brand exposure through social media. Studies take precedence, but business is always a priority.

“I make sure I concentrate on my business after extracurricular activities,” Aryahi explains.

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