When we talk about entertainment in India, we usually mention Bollywood celebrities. Bollywood celebrities have an audience like no other on the globe. The craziness and madness are mind-blowing. But with craziness and madness comes the desire to work with them or at least for them. Sanjay S Yadav’s name has come synonymous with the title of star artist in the Indian music industry. Well, Sanjay S. Yadav is living his dreams by doing both. He’s working for and with numerous famous artists and celebrities on a daily basis. Also, the highlight is that he’s just nineteen years of age. At this age, when kids try to figure out their normal life,

Sanjay is the Artist in the entertainment assiduity who has made a prominent name for himself in the world of multimedia. He’s the author of two books “It’s Mine What’s Yours”, “,An Artist”.

Not only he’s a remarkable artist in the Bollywood LoFi Industry, but he’s also a veritably well-known pianist, Music director, and Singer-songwriter. Over time he has managed to give back-to-back musical successes, now he’s ready to indeed give more. He has numerous new music releases staying one after another in the list. They’re going to stupendous and super hit tracks as well. Sanjay has his own Music YouTube Channel with further than 10k Subscribers.