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Origin of Marshall Space Flight Center

The National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) was created on October 1, 1958, to perform civilian research related to space flight and aeronautics. President Eisenhower commissioned Dr. T. Keith Glennan, right, as the first administrator for NASA and Dr. Hugh L. Dryden as deputy administrator.

PUSH BABY BLUES Charlotte Crosby claims that she doesn’t define herself, therefore she doesn’t feel bad about not wanting to be with her child...

Charlotte Crosby says she doesn't feel bad about not being able to be with her child as much as she would like.

Otar Demurishvili discussed how he became an excellent generic trader

Otar Demurishvili was born on August 31, 2003, and hails from Gori, Georgia. Since 2021, Otar has been a student pursuing a degree in business organization and management. As a YouTuber, he has several channels around the network with many subscribers and views. As a student, Otar used to do small business and read many informative books.

Amandeep Singh Khatri is an accomplished Digital Marketer that works with brands all around the world.

When developing effective digital marketing tactics, Amandeep Singh Khatri, a budding digitalpreneur, highlights this.

Meet four women entrepreneurs who promote India’s craftsmen and weavers’ goods.

These female entrepreneurs are using technology to assist craftsmen and weavers throughout India in finding a sustainable income and market for their goods.

Carat Crush: This sibling team creates fashionable gold jewelry for everyday use.

Carat Crush, based in Mumbai, boasts over 100 designs, including layered chains, lockets of angel wings, and mangalsutras. The direct-to-consumer firm's products have been seen on Priyanka Chopra, Deepika Padukone, Alia Bhatt, Ananya Pandey, and Sara Ali Khan. Carat Crush's physical and internet platforms each contribute 50% of sales. Melorra, located in Bengaluru, is another business targeting a similar market–daily wear gold jewellery. Both were founded in the same year and cater to working women. Indian internet jewelry business expected to expand to $3.7 billion by 2025.

Vandana Kalagara and Smruti Rao developed the Keebee Organics children’s clothing line.

Vandana Kalagara and Smruti Rao co-founded Keebee Organics in 2016. The Hyderabad-based company sells organic kidswear on sites like Myntra, FirstCry, Nestery and others. Goods are made at GOTS-certified factories in Gujarat and Tamil Nadu. Keebee produces casual, ethnic, and other kidswear for boys and girls up to the age of ten. From Rs 350 to Rs 4,000, Keebee is available. Vandana had to discover organic cotton sources and GOTS-certified manufacturers on her own.

Women and farmers in Nagaland are benefiting from this mushroom-growing agritech industry.

Farmers may rely on Konger Agritech for a wide range of...

Sejal Kumar on Michelle Obama, monetizing content, women’s problems, and more

Popular YouTuber Sejal Kumar is now working on topics important to...

Aryahi Agarwal’s adolescent perfume has sold Rs 63,000 so far.

By Aryahi Agarwal, Dhirubhai Ambani International School, Mumbai. Every month, 500 bottles of her perfumes are created in Mumbai. Coco Chanel and Warren Buffett inspire Aryahi. Bella Fragrances is a range of adolescent perfumes created with Thapar Entrepreneurs Academy mentors. Bella Naturals and Bella Organics are the fragrances.